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Welcome to the Wombs of the World Foundation (WotW Foundation), the philanthropic sister branch of Wombs of the World. Born from a deep-seated commitment to maternal health and empowered birth outcomes, the WotW Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to uplifting, educating, and supporting birthworkers and communities around the globe.


Our mission is rooted in the belief that every woman, regardless of her location, deserves access to compassionate and skilled care during one of life's most transformative experiences: childbirth. By working closely with local communities, providing educational grants, and preserving traditional midwifery wisdom, we strive to create a world where the perinatal journey is safe, respected, and celebrated.



To improve maternal health outcomes globally by empowering, educating, and supporting birthworkers.


In a world where countless women experience trauma, isolation, or inadequate care during childbirth, Wombs of the World Foundation sees a profound, timeless yet innovative solution: the birthworker.


Acknowledging that systemic changes in hospital practices, societal structures, and deep-rooted oppressions are monumental tasks, we focus on reintroducing the sacredness into birth through the empowerment of birthworkers. Drawing from global endorsements such as the International Childbirth Initiative's advocacy for continuous support during labor, we are committed to nurturing a global network of skilled, passionate birthworkers.


Our mission is to improve maternal health outcomes by supporting these vital guardians of birth, providing them with the education, resources, and community needed to offer culturally respectful, evidence-based care. Through this global tapestry of birthworkers, we envision a world where every birth is recognized and supported as the universal yet uniquely cultural event it is. Wombs of the World Foundation aspires to create a future where maternal health is prioritized, cultural practices are honored, and all mothers and babies experience the best possible outcomes.


In order to improve maternal health outcomes, WotW Foundation is dedicated to uplifting birthworkers and to support community-led initiatives abroad, such as enhancing education, providing essential perinatal equipment, and funding the development of birthing centers and midwifery schools.

By embodying our belief that culture is dynamic and birth is universal, we commit to preserving the sacredness of birth across all corners of the world, including our expanding efforts in Tanzania and Ecuador... and eventually India, Mexico and South Africa!

We are so grateful for your generosity. 

Your support ignites a world of change, empowering the Wombs of the World Foundation to enrich maternal and neonatal health through focused endeavors. By donating, you're contributing to funding critical clinic operations, providing educational scholarships to aspiring birthworkers worldwide, developing extensive educational resources, and upholding the preservation of traditional midwifery practices. Each donation honors our belief that while cultures may vary, the universality of birth connects us all, deserving deep respect and support. Join us in fostering a future where every birthworker is empowered, every mother is supported, and the timeless wisdom of traditional midwifery is celebrated globally.


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