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Each year we strive to learn about what the actual needs of the hospitals we work in are. Our first year with doulas we brought water filters (see below), reusable menstrual pads and soap (locally made by Boma Africa). By the end of our trip, the KDH (known by locals as Dabaldi), explained that their number one need was an ultrasound machine. They serve over 150 birthing women each month, and when something is presenting as complicated they must refer the patient to a different clinic with the proper technology. This means a pregnant or laboring mother might have to travel down bumpy roads for the care she needs.


In 2019, we raised $17,000 to purchase an ultrasound machine for Karatu District Hospital. It was quite a journey, and so grateful for Saja Erens (an amazing Deutch midwife) at Stitching Mount Meru for providing sonography training to Dr. Simpa so that he can be of service to the patients at the hospital. 

Moving forward, Karatu Lutheran Hospital (currently the referral hospital from Dabaldi if anything seems high risk), desires a neonatal ward with neonatal incubators. We hope to raise the funds to purchase several incubators and oxygen machines for the hospital.

BOMA AFRICA is a tourism non-profit based in Mto Wa Mbo, Tanzania. 


Owned by a husband and wife team. They met when Leesha was visiting Tanzania from Canada as a Midwifery student and met Lau, a Mt Kilimanjaro expedition guide. Three children later, the family lives in a beautiful region in Tanzania known for their array of bananas.


Their intention is to open a birth center in their area called BOMA LA MAMA. Proceeds from their tourism business goes towards the construction of the new site.


Leesha also works as a midwife serving the women of Tanzania, and facilitates clinical time for North American Doulas and Midwives.


The first trip that Gabby and Charlotte took to Tanzania was organized through Leesha. We are so grateful for their heart and collaboration to better Women's Health. 


Projects & Partners

Traditional Midwives in Ecuador 

Let me introduce you to our wonderful teachers in Ecuador. Martha and Luzmila, an epic mother- daughter duo. 

Martha is a traditional midwife, herbalist, and indigenous healer from the Andes of Ecuador. She is a community leader, farmer, guardian and defender of the land.⁠

She is part of the collective of traditional midwives HAMPI WARMIKUNA from the city of Cotacachi. She learned the trade of midwifery and healing through plants from the hands of the wise grandmothers of her community, with the blessing of the sacred hill that has housed her lineage for centuries, Mama Cotacachi.⁠

Her mother, Luzmila is a midwife, herbalist, guinea pig diagnosis specialist, and a teacher at the “Unanchu mamakuna” traditional midwifery school.⁠

Together these women are dedicated to preserving their ancestral birth knowledge and sharing their wisdom with other birth keepers. ⁠

Martha es una partera, hierbatera, y la directora de la escuela de partería tradicional “Unanchu mamakuna”, y sanadora indígena de los andes del Ecuador. Líder comunitaria, agricultora, guardiana y defensora de la tierra.⁠

Es parte del colectivo de parteras tradicionales HAMPI WARMIKUNA de la ciudad de Cotacachi. Aprendió el oficio de la partería y la curación a través de las plantas de las manos de las abuelas sabias de su comunidad, con la bendición del sagrado cerro que acoge su linaje desde hace siglos, la Mama Cotacachi.⁠

Su madre Luzmila es tambien una partera, hierbatera, especialista en diagnóstico con cuy, y docente de la escuela de partería tradicional “Unanchu mamakuna”.⁠

Juntas, estas mujeres se dedican a preservar su conocimiento ancestral sobre el nacimiento y compartir su sabiduría con otros cuidadores de partos.⁠



We work as doulas in the local hospital in Otavalo. This hospital is known for having a 90% vaginal birth rate, and a 75% vertical birth rate. They do an incredible job blending western medicine and traditional indigenous medicine to offer the best care to the population in this region.

Mama Rosa Colta is the resident midwife on staff, but most mothers are followed by a midwife in their community and just come to the hospital to birth. Community midwives are allowed to be present with them during their birth for support and encouragement. 


We are so grateful to this hospital for welcoming us and allowing us to serve their laboring mothers!​