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**We will start interviews in February 2020**

The Mission‚Äč


Offering an eleven-day Immersive Doula Program to the region of Otavalo in northern Ecuador. This program is  focused on enabling birth professionals from around the world to come together and learn from indigenous midwives, as well as serve the local birthing women and gain hands-on experience during labor and delivery in a foreign setting.


The parteras (midwives) we will learn from have learned their skills from the generations that came before them. Their connection to plant medicine, shamanism, ancient divine wisdom, and experienced hands and hearts, are all things we will humbly learn from as we spend time with them in their community.


Our group will be divided as we either shadow a partera or serve as doulas in the local hospital. 


Unfortunately, the knowledge of these women is dying with them, and it is our intention to help preserve their skills by studying under them and sharing their wisdom. 


Additionally, the mission of this trip is to learn about and connect with different cultures, explore the beauty of the region, connect with other women, and deepen our individual doula practices.


 Collectively, as doulas from around the world, we will learn more about ourselves, our respective cultures, and gain new insights and tools to bring back to our local communities. The entire objective of our work as doulas is for Women to Serve Women, with respect, compassion, and knowledge. 







All Room & Board

All Meals


Clinic Doula Service 

Spa Treatment

Adventure Activity


All Birth Workshops

Doula Preparation Curriculum


Does Not Include:


Travel Insurance

Souvenirs (make sure you have PLENTY of extra room in your luggage, the region is famous for alpaca blankets)