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Ecuador Program

August 13 - 23, 2024

November 20 - 30, 2024 (full)

Not quite ready to apply or looking to travel in 2025?

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Mission & Vision

Our mission in the vibrant land of Cotacachi, Ecuador, is an eleven-day immersive journey designed to bridge the worlds of modern birthworkers with the ancient wisdom of traditional midwives. This program aims not only to foster a deep, cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and practice but also to preserve the sacred ancestral wisdom of traditional midwifery that risks being lost in our rapidly globalizing world.


The heart of our vision is to soak in the profound knowledge of Pachamama and learn directly from the parteras, who are the custodians of extensive wisdom in pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, herbal medicine, rebozo techniques, womb healing, vertical birth, and ceremony. These midwives, possibly the last of their kind, offer a connection to plant medicine, ancient divine wisdom, and a treasure trove of experienced hands and hearts. Our presence not only financially supports their invaluable work but also aims to bring a mindful awareness to this endangered art.


This program is specially curated for birth professionals worldwide to learn in solidarity, exploring the beauty of Ecuador, connecting deeply with fellow birthworkers, and enriching our individual doula practices. It is an opportunity to dive into another culture, witness the power of traditional practices, and return home with new insights and tools to support the perinatal process with even greater respect, compassion, and knowledge.


By uniting birthworkers from diverse backgrounds, we embark on a collective journey of discovery—about ourselves, each other, and the universal thread that connects all birthwork. Together, we commit to the preservation of invaluable traditional knowledge and the celebration of birth as a sacred ceremony.


(Please note, this program does not involve hands-on birthwork.)


Join Our Ecuador Journey

How the process works:

Step 1

Submit Application & Attend Info Session

Begin by applying with a $50+ fee, which supports our scholarship fund, increasing program accessibility. Then join us for an enlightening webinar. It’s an opportunity for you to fully understand the program

Step 3

Online Cultural Awareness Training

Leading up to the trip, you will be required to complete our virtual Cultural Awareness Training, dedicated to reflecting on sensitivity, curiosity and competency, ensuring you are prepared for what this trip has in store. 

Step 2

Intention Form & Trip Deposit 

Once you are committed to joining us, fill out an intention form with your choice of dates and a pay a $500 non-refundable deposit (towards total tuition) to secure your spot on a future trip. From there, payment plans are available. 

Step 4

Pre-trip Zoom Calls

Prior to departure, you will be added to a group WhatsApp and invited to several group zoom calls with your trip facilitators to connect before you travel. We will make sure we are prepared and connected as a group before our journey begins. 

We welcome a diverse group of birthworkers who share a giving heart, open mind, humility, adaptability, a thirst for learning, and a service-oriented spirit. No hands-on clinical experience is required, making this program accessible to a wider range of birthworkers.

Sample Itinerary

Partera Di Anaku Midwive Ecuador Wombs of the World
Wombs of the World Birthworkers

Here is a sample of what our trip could like, this is potentially subject to change due to weather or the twists and turns of travel!

Day 1: Arrival in Quito

 Get picked up and brought to Friends Hotel and Rooftop. Settle in and get a good night rest.

Day 4: Exploring Origins

 Includes a visit to Cuicocha, engagement with community midwives, and learning about the uses of a rebozo.

Day 7: Herbal Medicine

Gathering medicinal plants, gestational control practices, and honoring pregnant women.

Day 10: Saying Goodbye

Breakfast, a farewell ceremony, and departure to our surprise destination closer to the airport.

Day 2: Explore Quito 

Explore Quito, get to know your group, and “swing” into the adventure. We hope you like chocolate. 

Day 5: Energy Work

Journey to Agato Yachak, a visit to Otavalo for artisan crafts, sweat in a traditional Temazcal and a Pachamanka dinner.

Day 8: Buzzing About

Visits to an Apiary to learn about bees, free time in Cotacachi, and a cultural night of music and dance.

Day 11: Departure

Soak up the last day and head back to the airport, or to wherever your adventure is going to take you!

Day 3: Travel North

Depart for Cotacachi. Settle into our homes, followed by a welcome ceremony, and pottery making class. 

Day 6: Learning and Reflection

Workshops on recognizing one's own womb and postpartum ritual practices.

Day 9: Natural Connection

A trip to Laguna de Mojanda, nettle ceremony, personal introspection time, and communal dinner.

The Investment

$3750 USD*
*Subject to change due to inflation

Everything you need from the time you land to the time you leave.









Airfare, Travel Insurance, Souvenirs (make sure you have PLENTY of extra room in your luggage, the region is famous for alpaca blankets).

We offer flexible payment plans. We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible, and understand birthwork is a labor of love. We regularly teach fundraising workshops to share how others have successfully raised the funds needed to travel. Partial scholarships are also available based on our available funding. Step one if to apply, then scholarship applications will be made available. 


**When you submit your application you will be directed to a checkout page to submit your $50 application fee.**

If application fee is not feasible for you right now, please email us.

This program is an intentional and inclusive community space. There will be no tolerance for racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, fatphobia, heterosexism, transantagonism, gender essentialism (this is a TERF free space), xenophobia, and all other isms.
Select an item ($)

Thank you for applying! We will be in touch soon!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Ecuador program!
Not quite ready to apply? Sign up here to be added to the waitlist.
Once new dates are announced you will be notified! 

In the meantime, please follow us on social media or reach out anytime! 
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