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South Africa Program

Space for this transformative journey is limited.

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A Pioneering Collaboration with Dr. Mmatshilo Motsei

We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary new partnership with Dr. Mmatshilo Motsei, a revered healer, midwife, author, and activist based in South Africa. Known for her profound work in the fields of birth justice and spiritual midwifery, Dr. Motsei brings decades of wisdom and experience to our shared mission of revolutionizing maternal health by blending ancient practices with modern insights. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to learn from a groundbreaking figure in African midwifery, whose teachings illuminate the deeply spiritual and cultural dimensions of childbirth.

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Embark on a Journey Like No Other

Join Wombs of the World and Dr. Mmatshilo Motsei for an unparalleled travel experience through South Africa, exploring the profound wisdom of indigenous midwifery and the spiritual dimensions of childbirth. This unique trip is more than just a visit; it's an immersive educational opportunity that connects you with traditional birthworkers and the deep cultural heritage that informs their practices.

What to Expect

  • Authentic Interactions: Engage directly with local midwives and healers, learning first-hand about the techniques and traditions passed down through generations.

  • Cultural Immersion: Explore diverse South African communities, participate in sacred rituals, and understand the true essence of belonging and healing.

  • Educational Workshops: Attend specially curated workshops designed to deepen your understanding of African spiritual practices in childbirth and their relevance in today’s global context.

Who Should Join

This trip is perfect for midwives, doulas, healthcare practitioners, and anyone passionate about the cultural and spiritual dimensions of childbirth. Whether you're a professional seeking to broaden your practice or a curious soul drawn to the power of traditional knowledge, this journey will enrich and transform your perspective.

Join the Waitlist

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of a movement that honors and revives the sacred art of childbirth.


The African Spirituality of Childbirth

Deepen Your Understanding with the Online Course: African Spirituality in Childbirth

About the Course


"The African Spirituality Of Childbirth" course is a deep dive into the holistic understanding of birth, celebrating it as a sacred event that harmonizes with nature's innate birthing knowledge. It challenges the dominance of the biomedical model by reinstating Indigenous birthing practices as equally vital and safe. This course is meticulously designed to restore and reclaim these practices, advocating for a balanced approach that honors both biological and cultural safety in childbirth.

Why This Course?

The core objective of this transformative course is to bridge Indigenous wisdom with contemporary birthing practices, fostering a respectful collaboration that enriches maternal care. It's a call to question the hierarchy of knowledge and to embrace a more inclusive understanding of birth that encompasses biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual safety.


Who Should Join?

  • Healthcare practitioners, healers, and scholars: Enhance your understanding and integrate Indigenous midwifery into your practice.

  • Parents and future parents: Prepare for the spiritual arrival of your baby with insights into sacred birth rituals.

  • Birth advocates and social scientists: Broaden your perspective on cultural reproductive health needs.

  • Mothers with hidden birth traumas: Find space for revelation and healing.

Course Dynamics

Facilitated by Dr. Mmatshilo Motsei, this course unfolds over seven months through 14 bi-weekly webinars enriched with African literature, poetry, and meditation. Participants will engage in vibrant discussions, reflecting on each session to deepen their learning and healing journey.


Enroll Now

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