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Frequently Asked Questions:


I am a new doula without any experience yet... Do I qualify?

You absolutely qualify to join our Ecuador program as it will give you more tools as you get started on this journey in birthwork! 


For our Tanzania program, we do prefer you to have some experience under your belt as the clinics can be very intense, however we have had new doulas join us who do an amazing job and it kick starts their career as a full time doula. After you apply and go through our info session and follow up interview process we will know if the Tanzania program is an appropriate fit for you. 


I am not a doula but a [student midwife, L&D nurse, lactation consultant, perinatal therapist, NICU nurse, etc]... Do I qualify?


Absolutely! We would be happy to have you on our Ecuador program.


If you hope to practice your discipline in the clinics in Tanzania you will need additional medical insurance (which we will talk about), or you are welcome to be present and respect the scope of practice of a doula. There are medical missions that might be better suited for you if you hope to deep dive into the clinical experience. We also hope to bring new competencies to the clinics and look forward to learning what you have to share. 


I have no travel experience, is that ok?


Yes! We love hosting new travelers! We will take good care of you. We handle everything from the time you land to the time you leave. Just make sure you get your passport in time to travel!


I am interested in become a doula, which programs do you recommend?


Wombs of the World hopes to one day offer a Global Birthkeeping Course, but until then, there are so many great training programs we recommend. It depends on what kind of birthworker you hope to become. Some great organizations include AncientSong, Cornerstone Birthwork Training, Evidence Based Birth, and Innate Traditions. 


Do you offer scholarships?


Our current scholarship funding comes from the $50 application fees. We strive to make these trips as accessible to all interested travelers as possible. If we have funding, we always try to offer it to our scholarship applicants. We also offer fundraiser workshops as well as flexible payment plans to meet you where you are at. 

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