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Support our Fundraiser

Wombs of the World is growing quickly. We are working on big projects that require financial assistance.

In the immediate, we want to ensure that our trips are equitable and accessible to any birthworker who is eager to travel and learn and be of service. However, international travel is not financially feasible for all. Therefore, we are starting a scholarship fund to assist in travel costs. 

In Ecuador, we are working with a team of indigenous midwives dedicated to keeping their ancestral knowledge alive. Wombs of the World hopes to fund their projects. 

In Tanzania, we had many programs in the works before the pandemic hit. We are now reassessing needs. However, a continuous need is funding for further education. We regularly meet midwives who wish to continue their education to become OBs yet lack the means to attend university. Our first fundraising efforts will sponsor students dedicated to improving maternal health in their communities. 

To contribute to our efforts, please PayPal @wombsoftheworld

Please note that Wombs of the World is *not* a 501c3. We are hoping to partner with a non-profit dedicated to improving global maternal health. We welcome introductions.


A sincere thank you for your support. Please know that each dollar you invest in Wombs of the World can have limitless positive rippled effects for birthing people, doulas, and families around the world. 

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