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Reflecting on all the things

Hi friends. Thanks for being here. I want y'all to know that I am still processing and decompressing from this powerful trip to Tanzania. I spend a lot of time in my head, unsure of what to share because there is so much!!

This trip reignited the fire. Or just added fuel.

Wombs of the World is growing. It feels amazing, most of the time I just feel like a conduit, honored, HONORED, to connect with and learn from such incredible birthworkers.

There are a lot of new followers on this account, likely following because you saw a video about indigenous birth practices in Ecuador (so cool).

Wombs of the World curates trips for birthworkers to immerse in the perinatal cultures of Tanzania and Ecuador (and soon India).

A doula reminded me today how an elder shaman we had the privilege of sitting with in Ecuador told us that for generations, these

seeds (of knowledge) were to be guarded to protect them, and now, for their survival, they must be shared and planted everywhere.

There are so many double edge swords to globalization. In many ways it is modern-day colonization, and cultures are changing and disappearing faster than ever before. When I think about it, I want to STOP everything we are doing, yet I know that that will not change this wheel that is out of control.

So what can I do in this world? How can I best be of service? How can I travel and cause the least damage?

By supporting women. By honoring mothers. By seeking to improve maternal health outcomes. With cultural humility. With respect to the ancestors. To best serve our descendants.

I mean, come on!!! Family Planning and Education are ESSENTIAL in fighting climate change! Honoring the mother. Supporting women. Being of service.

I am clearly excited.

This picture was taken while sitting with a group of Masaai women, having an open conversation about their birth practices, Traditional Birth Attendants, love, marriage, birth control, GFM, sex, husbands, children, fertility, and community. And they asked us lots of questions too. Resulting in laughter and connection. Bonding over birth.

This was all over the place. More clarity to come.


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