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Looking back on growth

Throwback to my first time in Tanzania. A fresh doula. When I read those posts now, from 2018, I feel my body tighten and need to exhale. Oh the growth that was ahead of me. The unknown of this journey into birth work. The fragility of life rocked me in ways I didn't know I could feel. Humility. Humility. Humility. Growth. Growth. Growth. ⁠ I was such an eager new doula. Wholly on the right path. I knew that from my training and attending my first birth. This is it. There is no room I feel more useful and like a conduit for the divine power than I do in a birth room. I have out-of-body experiences and sometimes say things or do things to mamas that are beyond me. I know other birth workers often feel this way too. ⁠ Not everyone is called to birth work. It is niche, intense, draining, yet the most rewarding experience ever to witness someone's most vulnerable, powerful, and joyous moment. ⁠ It is such a pleasure to geek out with fellow birth workers for 11 days on these trips. I cannot wait to bask in the heart of our work with you.

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