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Hey, I'm Charlotte

Hey y'all, it's been in a minute since I have properly introduced myself. My name is Charlotte 👋. Thanks for being here.

I currently live in a tiny mountain town in Colorado and am very active in my community as a full-spectrum doula. In 2021, I started my Master's in Social Work, focusing on maternal and infant health. I love it. Like, obsessed.

I co-founded @wombsoftheworld in 2018 with the incredible Gabby @sacredborn, and together we created something special.

WotW brings doulas from around the world together to learn and serve and immerse in foreign cultures. We learn as much from one another as we do from our hands-on experiences with midwives in Ecuador or Tanzania.

Gabby is now a midwife living and so busy working in Mexico, and I couldn't be more proud of the path she is on. The families she supports are so lucky to have her.

When planning trips for Wombs of the World, I am constantly asking myself how to make these trips equitable and our impact sustainable. How can we deconstruct medical colonization with compassionate doula care? How can we best be of service to the communities who so graciously welcome us? And my mind wanders a million different places trying to dismantle white saviorsm and the toxicity of volunteer tourism while balancing the fact that we are indeed foreigners traveling...

Answers are fluid, evolving, and open to feedback. The goal is always to be improving. These are conversations I welcome and have a lot written on the website. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat.

I am so grateful for our community partners and the relationships we have developed with places and hospitals. Wombs of the World has big plans. I casually say our mission is to revolutionize maternal health, and I mean it.

Birth is the beginning. The foundation. Gentler births will lead to a gentler world. Empowered mothers make this world go round. And if we don't care for the world's mothers, who will take care of the rest of us?

When I am not drowning in school work and working on WotW, I can be found frolicking in the mountains, swimming in alpine lakes, enjoying the company of good friends, and, this time of year, eating peaches.



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