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Ecuador, July 2019 with six amazing doulas... Saying Goodbye to Group 1

On Thursday we said goodbye to our incredibly group of doulas. There are no words that properly describe the amount of love and gratitude we feel for these women and for the experiences we shared together. We need to take a moment to share a little bit of their brilliance with you.

Joining us from Mexico City but originally from Australia, Emma Reyes is a powerful, compassionate, and self aware woman. Watching her show support to laboring mamas was simply inspiring. She has an intuition and a presence that calms, comforts and empowers women. Beyond her big beautiful heart, she is also an amazing photographer, great storyteller, and badass mama herself. Get ready San Fransisco, Emma is soon moving and will be an amazing asset to your birth worker community!

A different Emma, Emma McDermott, has been traveling in Central and South America for the last five months, but originally hails from Ireland. She is a neonatal nurse and doula, and come September she is beginning midwifery school in London. The women in Ireland will be lucky to have her. Women anywhere will be lucky to have her catch their babies. She is beautiful inside and out. Her life experience have filled her with such a wisdom and perspective that was so valuable for our group. We are so grateful to have shared this time with her.

Chloé Boland is one of the women that blows your mind with her brilliance and hilarity. She made all of us laugh until we were crying on many occasions. Chloe joined us from Washington state, and, get this, is a **space engineer** (YUP MIND BLOWN) and doula, passionate about offering better sex education. Chloe is queen of the fun facts. 11 days was not nearly long enough! We cannot wait to see what this woman continues to do with her life. Chloe is wildly resilient, giving, gracious, and if she decides to quit being an engineer and doesn’t want to doula, she has a promising future in comedy.

Tavia Leduc traveled to Ecuador from Victoria, BC, Canada, and was a pleasure to witness her in this new environment. She has a contagious smile a beautiful heart, and was eager to learn! Tavia will also be starting midwifery school in the fall, and we are so excited for her to continue on this journey. Watching her take in this different culture, stretch outside her comfort zone, and soak up so much new information is what this program is all about! We are so so proud of her. Keep watering all those seeds!

Emily is a gift to this world. Her mindfulness and cultural sensitivity made us SO PROUD on many occasions. She is passionate about supporting women in underserved communities, and spends her free time volunteering for better health equity in Sacramento, California. There were so many moments listening to her speak, in awe of how she just “gets it”. She is also intending on becoming a midwife- and we have no doubt this beautiful woman will have a huge impact on this world. It’s an honor to witness you love.

Ninneru'aEl Hogg traveled solo for the first time all the way from Ontario, Canada, to bless us with her wisdom and enthusiasm. We had the pleasure of celebrating Ninneru’s 21st birthday and her beautiful existence! It was hard for us to believe she is only starting her twenty second rotation around the sun as she is such an old soul. Ninneru is a FORCE, embodying the wild divine feminine, beginning to cultivate her powers. Watch out world.

We are just over here crying because we miss them so much already, our lives more complete now that they are part of it. This incredible sisterhood of strong, passionate, world changing women is POWERFUL!

And now… we eagerly await the arrival of our second group!

With Love, Charlotte & Gabby

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