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Day 1 back in Tanzania

It’s been three years since @wombsoftheworld has been here. This is my fourth trip and I am overwhelmed with love and appreciation for the culture. The people. The land. The animals. The sweetness of the air.

My face hurts from smiling.

I visited the clinics today just to touch base, and the warmth from their spirit lit me right up. I can’t explain it… going back to a place. Reconnecting. The familiarity. The nostalgia. And oh, my, goodness- are these babies freaking cute. So squishy.

The doulas arrive the day after tomorrow and I can’t wait to witness them take all this in. I’m jealous of the newness of their experience. Yet I find great joy in watching it unfold through their eyes.

Big shoutout to @the.bohemian.midwife and her family for helping make this possible.

Thanks for following along!

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