Wombs of the World was born after Charlotte Brielle and Gabby Hardin met in their doula training in 2017 in Asheville, NC.  The two instantly connected as soul sisters with a shared drive to support birthing people and travel the world. Through the grace of a fateful internet search, Gabby connected with a midwife in Tanzania and arranged a trip to work as a doula in a local maternity clinic. Without skipping a beat, Charlotte bought a ticket, and they landed in East Africa shortly thereafter.


After that first trip, doulas started reaching out to them on social media, asking about their trip. They greatly reflected on their experience in Tanzania and their life’s work and journey as women to create this program. Their intention is to offer a unique travel opportunity for birth workers.  The service as doulas is about sharing a complete experience with a laboring person and offering them postpartum care, to spread gentler and healthier births.  In the process of facilitating trips, they have developed a powerful sisterhood of doulas by sharing their skills and hearts. 

Charlotte had connections in Ecuador, as things beautifully fell into place. Wombs of the World follows green lights, and is so grateful to have connected with incredible partners abroad who share in the vision of gentler births leading to a gentler world.


Since the start of Wombs of the World in 2018, a lot has changed in the world and in their lives.

Charlotte is now living in a small Colorado mountain town and is getting her master's in social work. She is specializing in perinatal health and wellness and is an active doula in her community. She facilitates postpartum support groups and is contacted through her local hospital to offer complimentary doula support to mothers on Medicaid, who are high risk, or who have a mental health referal. She is eager to combine her social work skills and doula experience to best be of service to families everywhere.  


Throughout the pandemic, Gabby completed her midwifery degree. She is currently living in Mexico, serving as a midwife. She is no longer actively involved with Wombs of the World but her energy will forever be felt.  Her long term goals are to broaden midwifery care and serve world-wide. 


Meet Wombs of the World's 
trip facilitators

As we grow, we are growing with incredible doulas from around the world. We are happy to share the following women will be leading trips, hosting women, sharing experiences, and guiding with love.

Hannah Gray


Hannah is originally from Columbus, Ohio, but now calls Brooklyn, New York, her home. She is a full-spectrum doula, with incredible skill and insight into people's needs.

We are so grateful to have Hannah as one of our Doula Sisters because she brings a tremendous amount of laughter, experience, love, and wisdom to every situation. She is one to follow at the clinics, to sit and get real with, or to laugh with until you cry.

To learn more about Hannah and the work she is doing outside Wombs of the World, please visit her website

Alexis Commodore


We are incredibly lucky to have Alexis on our team! She is a traveling pediatric ER nurse, herbalist, and doula. She brings a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to all of our groups.

Beyond supporting our groups by teaching us things from a skilled eye in the clinics, Alexis asks the questions of life and society that allow you to grow into a better person. 

She is an excellent world traveler, dancer, and lover of life. She currently lives in Boston. 

To follow her on Instagram to learn more about her. 

Morgan Dickie


Morgan is bursting with the most graceful power you may ever see someone possess. She is an incredible overall life doula- she is that person that you just want by your side no matter what is happening, to offer you that comfort and love and understanding.

Not only is her general presence a gift, but she is also so passionate about women's health that she enlightens people anywhere she goes...

Morgan has been around the world with Wombs of the World, pouring her big beautiful heart into every mother, doula, and midwife she meets. We are so lucky to have her in our sisterhood.

Madi Dupont


Madi is magical. She is a creator of magic in her relationships, in the world, and in the birth room.  Madi holds a sacred space to allows others to soften and grow. She is a birth doula, ayurvedic postpartum doula, and teaches prenatal yoga and mindfulness meditation. 

She is an avid world traveler, circle leader, and adrenaline junkie. Needless to say, she is an incredible asset to our sisterhood and we so grateful for her to be hosting trips and sharing her magic with future doulas. 

She is originally from Sun Valley, Idaho. She now lives in different mountains serving the mothers of Boulder, Colorado. 

To follow Madi's exciting life adventures and insights, check her out on social media. 

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