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Proudly Created by Charlotte Brielle and Gabrielle Hardin. Thanks WIX 




We are Charlotte and Gabby! We met in our birth doula training in Asheville NC, in the fall of 2017. We instantly connected as soul sisters with a shared drive to support women and travel the world. Through the grace of a fateful internet search, Gabby connected with a midwife in Tanzania and arranged a trip to work as a doula in a local maternity clinic. Without skipping a beat, Charlotte bought a ticket and they landed in East Africa shortly thereafter.


Wombs of the World was born after having doulas reaching out to us on social media asking about our trip. We greatly reflected on our experience in Tanzania, and our life’s work and journey as women to create this program. Our intention is to offer a unique travel opportunity for birth workers and women.  The service as doulas is about sharing a complete experience with a laboring mama and offer her postpartum care, to spread gentler and healthier births.  We are growing a powerful sisterhood of women by sharing our skills and hearts. 


We are both deeply passionate about the joys and growth that come from traveling as women. Before we started our journey as doulas, Gabby lived for over two years in Northern Thailand working with an NGO that supports young girls affected by human trafficking. She has been working as a massage therapist at a traditional Chinese medical clinic and is passionate about supporting women in all stages of life.  Charlotte has always been an avid world traveler and entrepreneur, passionate about supporting women to find their power. She is trilingual and has an insatiable appetite to discover new cultures and connect with people. She supported herself earning a degree in anthropology and sociology by being a postpartum doula, caring for many young families. 


We are so grateful for the development of this project. We have had the pleasure to connect with incredible non-profits working locally in Tanzania and Ecuador to grow the potential of what doulas can do. 


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