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Called to Serve Women, moved by the Miracle of Birth, humbled by the Fragility of Life, and fueled by Gratitude 

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Wombs of the World 

supports women by connecting professional doulas with international maternity clinics. The programs are designed to bring doulas from around the world together, to have a shared experience with birthing women, travel to new lands, and immerse in different cultures, while growing a powerful sisterhood of birth workers across the globe. 



Spring 2023

Travel to a land alive with folklore and ancestral wisdom. Soak up the knowledge of Pachamama, and learn from traditional birth keepers. The Ecuador Program’s intention is to support indigenous midwives and preserve their sacred knowledge.

This program’s concentration is on postpartum care, herbal medicine, vertical birth, and ceremony. 


Winter 2023

Our Tanzania Doula Program is designed to fill you with the strength of women and experience the magic of the land, the animals, and the fascinating tribal cultures. 


You will serve in rural, government-funded, hospitals and support laboring and postpartum mothers. This is a very hands-on experience. It is raw, it is intense, it is humbling, it is transformational, it is profound, it is needed. 



In our quickly globalizing world, we intend to use our privilege to travel wisely and support our global partners in accomplishing their goals. 

In Tanzania, we are working directly with two government-funded hospitals on various projects from medical equipment to clean water.

In Ecuador, we are working with local midwives to keep their indigenous knowledge alive and relevant. 

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A doula is a non-medical, professional support person who offers pregnant women and their families helpful resources, education, hands-on physical support, emotional support, and recognizes and respects the power and agency of the birthing person. 

According to International Childbirth Initiatives' (ICI),  "The 12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care", providing continuous care is Step #4. "Continuous support during labor improves outcomes for women and newborns including: a more positive birthing experience, an increase in spontaneous vaginal birth, a shorter duration of labor, a decrease in the number of cesarean and instrumental vaginal births, less need for analgesics and a low 5-minute Apgar score. Such care appears to be most beneficial when given by a person who is present solely to provide support and is not a member of the woman’s own network, is experienced in providing labor support, and has at least a modest amount of training (such as a doula)"


These 12 steps have been endorsed by:

International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)

International MotherBaby Childbirth Organization (IMBCO)

White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood (WRA)

International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)

International Pediatrics Association (IPA)
Lamaze International
International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

Every Mother Counts
Bumi Sehat Foundation
DONA International
Mercy in Action

The beauty of doula care is its accessibility. It does not require additional resources or equipment or technology. It requires giving hearts and a present mind. 

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"Wombs of the World, the organization and the beautiful women that created its purpose, is changing the two dimensional way we typically experience and observe birth. By doing the diligent work of both enriching people's doula practice, while also creating a positive, safe, and humbling experience with the host hospital, Wombs of the World is a net of all the things you wish you could be! 
By going on a Wombs of the World experience, you will not only love yourself more, but be radically moved by even the smallest moments; like holding the hand/body/baby of a sister that you never knew you had. 
I am so proud to be a part of a tribe of women that entered and held space with such amazing Tanzanian nurses, doctors, and community! 
When is the next trip?!”



Tanzania, 2019