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Proudly Created by Charlotte Brielle and Gabrielle Hardin. Thanks WIX 

Wombs of the world

International Immersive

Doula Program​





Wombs of the World is an organization that supports women by connecting professional doulas with international maternity clinics. The programs are designed to bring doulas from around the world together, to have a shared experience with birthing women, travel to new lands, and immerse in different cultures, while growing a powerful sisterhood of birth workers across the globe. 


Travel  Learn  Serve  Connect  Doula

Deepen Your Doula Practice

Expand your limits, open your heart, and get ready to learn! Our intention is to humbly learn and serve laboring and postpartum women, remaining culturally respectful and within our scope of practice. 

Embrace New Cultures

 Stretching outside the limits of our usual comfort zones, we will seek new experiences and embrace the beauty of cultural differences.

Beyond birth work, we take time to connect with local communities and explore new lands. 

Traveling allows you to put your own culture into perspective, to grow in gratitude and awareness. 

Called to Serve Women, moved by the Miracle of Birth, humbled by the Fragility of Life, and fueled by Gratitude 


"Wombs of the World, the organization and the beautiful women that created its purpose, is changing the two dimensional way we typically experience and observe birth. By doing the diligent work of both enriching people's doula practice, while also creating a positive, safe, and humbling experience with the host hospital, Wombs of the World is a net of all the things you wish you could be! 
By going on a Wombs of the World experience, you will not only love yourself more, but be radically moved by even the smallest moments; like holding the hand/body/baby of a sister that you never knew you had. 
I am so proud to be a part of a tribe of women that entered and held space with such amazing Tanzanian nurses, doctors, and community! 
When is the next trip?!”



Tanzania, 2019