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International Educational Programs for Birthworkers

Wombs of the World offers international immersive educational programs for professional perinatal workers such as doulas, midwives, and L&D nurses.


Programs are facilitated in Tanzania and Ecuador. The purpose is to deepen their practices, immerse in foreign cultures, and grow their networks.

Called to be of Service, moved by the Miracle of Birth, humbled by the Fragility of Life, and fueled by Gratitude 

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Ecuador Program
2024 dates coming soon

The intention of this experience is to dive deep into ancestral birth knowledge, spending time with women who combine shamanism, holistic herbology, and midwifery. They have learned their skills from their parents and grandparents, who have learned from the generation before them.

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Tanzania Program
Winter & Summer 2024

Deepen your doula practice with intensive clinical experiences. This opportunity allows us to truly apply our skill sets as doulas, offering compassionate, gentle and respectful care to birthing women and to hospital staff. 

Our Foundational Pillars

Perinatal Health

If we don’t take care of the world’s mothers, who will take care of the rest of us?

The primary focus of these programs is centered around expanding compassionate perinatal support. 


Founded by doulas and evolved by a social worker and a midwife, Wombs of the World is for perinatal workers to learn from other cultures, from each other, and from hands on experiences.


Our participants share their hands and hearts with laboring people and enhance their own skill sets to take back to their respective communities. 

A Love for Travel

We believe in making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange. Originating with a passion for travel, we have curated trips that eliminate logistical planning for participants and offer mindful cultural immersion.


Travel helps broaden perspective, challenge comfort zones, and expand horizons. In perinatal work, there is so much to learn from other practices that can benefit pregnant/ birthing/postpartum people everywhere.

Wombs of the World is eager to share this love for travel, and we welcome all levels of travel experience. 

Creating Community

Once called a sisterhood, then doulahood, then perinatal worker-hood… simply put, there is magic in the connection of people with a shared heartbeat for this work coming together. The bond between participants is what makes these trips special. Not everyone is called to birth work, and not everyone is called to travel. The people who join Wombs of the World are unique beings that are all cut from the same cloth.


Doulas doulaing doulas.


It is an opportunity to connect with other birth workers and to geek out for eleven days about the things we are all most passionate about.

The Wombs of the World Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to improving maternal health and birth outcomes.

Our foundation aims to support our projects and partners in Tanzania and Ecuador, and to create a scholarship fund that makes our programs accessible to all interested birth workers. By partnering with local organizations and empowering birth workers with the education and resources they seek, we are working towards a world where every person has access to safe, supportive, and culturally competent maternity care.


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