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Join Wombs of the World on an educational program for birthworkers in Tanzania or Ecuador 

Deepen Your Doula Practice

Expand your limits, open your heart, and get ready to learn! Our intention is to humbly learn and serve laboring and postpartum women, remaining culturally respectful and within our scope of practice. 

Embrace New Cultures

 Stretching outside the limits of our usual comfort zones, we will seek new experiences and embrace the beauty of cultural differences.

Beyond birth work, we take time to connect with local communities and explore new lands. 

Traveling allows you to put your own culture into perspective, to grow in gratitude and awareness. 


Join us in Tanzania to serve laboring mamas in two local, rural maternity clinics.


Deepen your doula practice with intensive clinical experiences. This opportunity allows us to truly apply our skill sets as doulas, offering compassionate, gentle and respectful care to birthing women and to hospital staff. 


This will be our fourth trip working in these clinics. 


This journey will stretch the limitations of your heart, broadening your perspective of birth, the strength of women, and the fragility of life.


Beyond serving in the clinics, you will explore the beautiful vast savannahs of East Africa, and deeply nourish yourself.

NEXT TRIP: May/June 2023

Join us in Ecuador to learn from indigenous midwives.


The intention of this experience is to dive deep into ancestral birth knowledge, spending time with women who combine shamanism, holistic herbology, and midwifery. They have learned their skills from their parents and grandparents, who have learned from the generation before them.


There will be a great focus on ceremony and womb healing. These will be tools for doulas to make their own and share with their clients. 

We will also have the opportunity to learn additional skills for our doula toolbox such as rebozo techniques, birth positions, herbal remedies, and maybe a little birth magic. 

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